Wargaming Reveals New Combat Modes and Website about Upcoming Enhancements for World of Tanks


Wargaming today released its third episode of the World of Tanks dev diary series that focuses on new features and enhancements planned for 2014.

The latest video unveils two new combat modes: Fortifications, enabling clans to construct buildings to gain economic bonuses, and Historical Battles, bringing authentic power balance and vehicle setups to the game.

In addition to the newest installment of dev diaries, Wargaming has also revealed the interactive website, allowing players to trace how graphics, physics, and the gaming environment of World of Tanks has evolved since 2011, and how it will continue to change in 2014.

Discover new combat modes for World of Tanks in the third episode of the World of Tanks dev diary:

Learn more about enhancements coming to World of Tanks in 2014: http://www.wot2014.com/